Crowdvilla to be 3rd token launched on Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX)

Crowdvilla (CRV), a blockchain-based startup which aims to democratize real estate ownership worldwide today announced they will be the third project to be launched on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange GBX Grid. The token sale date for CRV tokens is still to be announced.

Crowdvilla’s non-profit, community-driven business model merges real world assets with the power of blockchain technology. The team is building a portfolio of holiday homes across the globe that its users will own and share among each other using CRV tokens.

“We are privileged to be the third token launched on GBX Grid. We believe our commitment to be a compliant and ethical blockchain project aligns perfectly with GBX’s ambition to be the leading source of credible tokens and digital assets,” says Darvin Kurniawan, Co-Founder, and CEO of Crowdvilla.

The GBX operates similarly to a traditional stock exchange, performing due diligence by requiring projects to have the support of a Sponsor Firm before making an application to be listed.

Crowdvilla is sponsored by, a solutions provider giving secure guidance for blockchain projects through the complications of the ICO space.

“We are delighted to welcome Crowdvilla’s token to the GBX Grid. We want to support exciting projects that are as innovative as they are reputable, and the CRV token definitely fits this description,” says Kerry Gan, CEO of

Interested participants will need to open an account with GBX Grid and add funds before they can participate in the Crowdvilla token sale. Users should sign up with GBX as soon as possible to ensure they fulfill the KYC process and become whitelisted in time.