Waves DEX completes major update with new UI, improved performance

Waves, the blockchain for custom token generation and trading made a surprise announcement today with its decentralized exchange having undergone a major redesign and UI update. The new release makes the Waves DEX more user-friendly and professional.

The main highlights include a completely new UI plus improved app stability and performance by moving to custom-built data infrastructure and API.

Features of the Waves DEX:

Below is a closer look at the latest DEX UI.


All tokens issued on the Waves Platform appear on DEX right after they are created. Users can trade them against any of the other 16,000 tokens issued so far, in any combination.

With the new Watchlist, users can find tokens they are interested in quickly and easily. Rundown of Watchlist features:


Order book

What’s new:


My open orders

What’s new:

Order submission

What’s new:

The updated DEX also features new sections including detailed trading history and my balance segment which lists all of the balances and tokens the user has in their possession.

The Waves team said:

“We hope you’ll agree that the most recent set of updates brings the Waves DEX into line with the user experiences of the most popular crypto exchanges, and in fact offers even more sophisticated functionality than some of the top trading platforms. Liquidity is increasing all the time, and we expect to see many, many more traders take the step to using a decentralized platform that is free from hacks and downtime. Come and join them!”

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