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TapCoin Takes a Crack at “Upgrading” the Hospitality Industry to Blockchain

The rise of the online era and shift to a truly global economy is rapidly changing the way in which we live, work — and have fun. Streaming global sports is instant, downloading games on your home console is rapid, and eCommerce has done away with the need to trudge through the grocery store every Sunday morning for food and household goods. The progress we’ve made so far is great, but we’ve really only scratched the surface. Especially when you consider the rich potential of a whole variety of blockchain offerings on hand. Our appetite for adventure remains, but few businesses have really looked to drive innovation in the personal entertainment sector.  That’s why the news of Hooch’s TapCoin blockchain platform is so exciting.

Why Hooch is a Hit

Hooch, now totaling 200,000 subscribers–has brought to market a fantastic digital offering that gives every monthly subscriber (basic subscription costs $9.99 a month) a free drink each day at a great variety of partner bars and restaurants. Hooch’s TapCoin is offered via a smartphone app, and the concept is simple but strong‚  just like a great martini should be.

A blockchain initiative that delivers you a great drink every day? We’ll toast to that! By using Tap Coin technology, Hooch user’s earn TapTokens. Over time they can be redeemed for additional rewards. Having already raised over $5 million in funding, Hooch is also seeking to branch out beyond the bar counter.

Hooch Black offers a premium membership that goes beyond drinks service to offer comprehensive concierge services. Hooch users can join this direct, or make use of their TapTokens earned over time to receive gain access to Hooch Black benefits. While Hooch is impressive for what it does, it is also commendable for what it does not do.

The Heart of Hooch

In the era of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, many consumers have begrudgingly accepted the fact many companies will seek to ravage their personal data. Hooch is different.  When you use Hooch, your data is encrypted, and it’s yours.

Your data can be used to personalize your experience, and also to deliver you access to unique benefits. But it remains in the user’s power to decide how much data is shared, and where it is shared. This is cutting-edge technology that offers a clean break from the dregs raiding personal data online.

Built with Blockchain

Hooch, TapToken, and TapCoin all speak to the promise of digital innovation that will bring new fun and ease to our life. Just as what these it seeks to deliver is incredibly exciting, it is also a window to the future. These early innovations are at the frontier of integrating blockchain technology into our daily lives. Decentralising the market‚ and delivering real choice to consumers.It’s true some challenges remain surrounding blockchain’s wider adoption. Locally and globally many governments are still deciding how to regulate blockchain and cryptos. Some cynics say this means blockchain won’t go the distance. You know, just like how they said cars, airplanes, TVs, the internet, and mobile phones wouldn’t be popular.

Those who drive us into the future were never too interested in looking back on the past. That’s why Hooch’s TapCoin blockchain is so exciting. It’s growth a must-watch in months head.

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