Metaverse lightwallet now available for iOS

Metaverse, a decentralized open platform of digital assets, digital identities, and smart contracts announced their Metaverse lightwallet is now available on the iOS store. MyETPWallet is a light wallet that provides users with a simpler alternative than full-node desktop wallets.

Users can send and receive assets without synchronizing all the blocks, and safety is guaranteed since users’ private keys are stored locally on their device. Users can check the transaction history in their portfolio, and they can send and receive MST (Metaverse Smart Token) assets in the app.

Features of MyETPWallet (iOS version):

Those who already have an account via or via the full-node wallet are able to import an existing account into the iOS app by scanning the OR code or importing the backup words.

The Metaverse team invites those who experience bugs to issue reports at

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