Artificially intelligent cryptocurrency financial advisor ‘Juliet’ goes live

Crypto market and portfolio analysis platform TokenAI has announced the general availability of its signature artificial intelligence assistant, Juliet. Joining the ranks of personalized AI assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, Juliet guides investors through creating a balanced portfolio with user-friendly analysis on digital assets. As an emerging sector, investing in crypto can be complicated and intimidating for the average person. Juliet is designed to guide those with limited crypto knowledge participate in the blockchain ecosystem.

“We created Juliet to empower the average investors out there who have been taken advantage of by banks,” said Ilana Fraines, Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering of TokenAI. “We thought if my mom wanted to get into the space, how do we provide something that is user-friendly? Juliet allows money that is currently not in the system easy access and entry into the crypto space in a seamless way. There is a lot of confusion surrounding crypto, but Juliet can provide context and walk you through this exciting new world.”

“Let Me Teach You About Investing.”

Juliet allows aspiring crypto buyers the opportunity to take control of their financial future by acting as a personal financial advisor. For example, at a recent conference, Juliet identified an up and coming token as a strong buy. Tracking the coin over the course of the day, it was found to go up by 21% in 24 hours. The AI’s strength lies in identifying small market cap tokens that then experience a surge in growth.

“Emotion drives the market. You want to understand the emotions driving other participants so you know where things are headed, but it’s never a good idea to trade out of your own emotions,” said Sam Czertok, Co-Founder, and CEO at TokenAI. “Juliet’s algorithm has her fingers on the pulse, long before it becomes a conscious emotion for other investors. Her straightforward guidance gives investors an edge.”

In addition to personal advising, Juliet automatically integrates with TokenAI’s three core services: Individual Coin Analysis, Current Portfolio Rebalancing and Token Basket Generation. Juliet analyzes individual coins and offers granular buy, sell, hold recommendations. She also performs analysis on an individual’s existing portfolio, offering insight into how to optimize the portfolio for maximum performance. Additionally, Juliet aids in the generation of an entirely new, highly-optimized, token basket based on parameters the user sets themselves.


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