New institutional-grade cryptocurrency exchange Archax plans launch

Archax, a new institutional-grade exchange for trading crypto/digital assets announced its arrival today. The venture is based in London and is being built using existing, proven, resilient, scalable, high-performance exchange infrastructure and hosted in top-tier datacentre space.

The exchange is planning to operate under stringent regulatory and best practice principles. In addition, through partnerships with trading system vendor firms and support for industry standard APIs such as FIX, Archax will be firmly integrated into the existing institutional trading workflow.

David Lester, former Chief Strategy Officer of the London Stock Exchange Group and Advisor and Non-Executive Director at Archax, adds: “Tokenisation and blockchains are innovations that have significant potential to disrupt and open up new business opportunities. Tokens can turn networks into markets, Blockchains can enable more frictionless and transparent marketplaces. How this evolves is of real interest to capital providers, business leaders, and founders. I am pleased to be an advisor to Archax, a strong team of like-minded individuals whose mission is to bring global institutional capital to the crypto asset space, which will underpin and accelerate its adoption.”

David Buckley, Chairman of Redwood Bank and Chairman of the Archax Advisory Board, said: “For institutions to get involved in the crypto space, regulations are key. The fact that Archax will operate as if it were regulated and is run by people who understand how the institutional world and traditional exchanges work, means firms will finally get access to new crypto assets in a way that is familiar to them and that provides all the checks, balances and capabilities that they expect.”

Liam Robertson, Founder, and CEO of Alphabit, comments: “I am pleased that the Alphabit Fund has a seed investment in this new venture. I am really excited about the opportunity that exists for a genuine institutionally focused crypto exchange and firmly believe that Archax has all the ingredients needed to make this happen.”