Crypto-IoT security startup Acreto partners with New Alchemy to manage token sale

Crypto-IoT security startup Acreto announced they will partner with New Alchemy, a blockchain consultancy to run its upcoming token sale. Acreto’s platform secures distributed and mobile ecosystems, and the token offering will give token investors the chance to participate in this growing market.

“As we continue to hit our milestones to deliver the most advanced, comprehensive security platform for IoT and crypto-IoT ecosystems, we’re ready to create a new market with our offering,” says Thad Eidman, Acreto’s COO. “We’re counting on New Alchemy’s experience and expertise to help us launch our SEC-compliant token to security-conscious participants in all global markets.”

IoT technologies are some of the biggest consumers of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Crypto-IoT technologies are being embedded in many platforms to process transactions and validate data in industries such as medical, transportation, supply-chain and smart-buildings. With or without industry standards, securing these mobile and often distributed platforms is complicated, especially when IoTs need to operate on remote third-party networks. IoTs, which can range from $5 sensors to multi-million-dollar mining machines, are purpose-built, vary in capability and are often resource-challenged, which makes the entire crypto-IoT platform extremely vulnerable to hacking.

However, despite conflicting industry information, crypto and blockchain are not secure. Acreto’s patent-pending platform is designed to secure the entire crypto-IoT ecosystem including IoTs, applications, clouds, and users end-to-end.

“As a leader in the token offering market, we carefully select the companies that we work with in order to support the highest quality clients. We have been extremely impressed with the Acreto team’s management, product, and go-to-market. They are one of the most experienced teams we have worked with. This is especially valuable in this emerging crypto market where many coin offerings are from companies with first-time management and theoretical products. Acreto has a real product that the market unequivocally needs and an experienced and progressive management team that has achieved five successful exits. We look forward to a successful global token launch and sale.”

Theron Andrews, VP of Client Marketing of New Alchemy