Automated Crypto Trading App Arbitao Makes Arbitrage Accessible To All

New and experienced investors looking to profit from cryptocurrency can now do so without relying solely on Bitcoin or Ethereum’s turbulent price fluctuations; thanks to Arbitao: a fully automated cryptocurrency arbitrage trading solution.

Essentially, Arbitao offers a less risky and more user-friendly way for institutional and individual investors to directly profit from volatile crypto markets; offering arbitrage (price differences between different exchange rates) as a viable alternative to straight purchases.

No More ‘Hodling’

While many professional and individual cryptocurrency investors bank on long-term value increases as a source of profit; over the past six months major coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum have experienced a significant decrease from the high prices experienced in late 2017 – when Bitcoin prices soared to $20,000.

As a result, more would-be investors have remained cautious; further destabilizing already fragile blockchain-based monetary markets. However, thanks to Arbitao’s unique ATAO blockchain technology, data gleaned from 19 different cryptocurrency exchanges – including Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, and Poloniex – can be leveraged to make profitable trades; regardless of price fluctuations.

Easy-Access Arbitrage

Arbitao also overcomes the ‘closed loop’ typically associated with conventional arbitrage trading methods; a practice that’s typically reserved for professional, experienced traders.  Arbitao’s unique technology automatically makes profitable arbitrage trades for each of its community members via four different trading pools; allowing them to invest as little as US$100.  The potential interest returns range from 0.5% to 0.75% per day; meaning that, given the right market conditions, an investment of $100 could increase to $220 in just 240 days.

Tried & Tested Technology

Underpinning Arbitao are three key platforms: the TAOx trading platform, where Bitcoin can be traded for Arbitao’s native ATAO token; the ATAOwallet, where ATAO coins can be stored securely; and the ARBITAO arbitrage platform itself.

Arbitao has been online since November 2017 and has been successfully tried and tested by a group of trusted crypto enthusiasts and traders. Once fully implemented, Arbitao will offer fully decentralized arbitrage trading to its users where they can set up their ATAOwallet with API credentials to enable them to use their accounts on partner exchanges.

Member Rewards

In addition to investment, there are a variety of ways that community members can earn more ATAO coins – as rewards:

According to Karel Mirrin, Arbitao’s Lead Developer & Co-Founder: “Arbitao’s long-term ambition is to fully decentralize arbitrage trading and to make it more inclusive, transparent and rewarding for all investors.

“Our goal was to deliver a working product before the ICO started, which we succeeded in. Now we’re confident that our software will help demystify arbitrage, enhance crypto liquidity, and kickstart renewed interest in blockchain technology.”

Arbitao’s main token sale begins on July 22, but the pre-sale starts on July 1. A total of 800,000,000 ATAO will be distributed throughout the ICO.

The funds raised will be used to develop a more robust infrastructure, improve algorithms, incorporate more cloud computing features, and help Arbitao expand to other exchanges.  Interested participants can sign up on the Arbitao website.

Quick Arbitao ICO facts

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