How to Enter the Havven nUSD Airdrop

Havven, a decentralized payment network has officially launched an airdrop of nUSD tokens, its stablecoin, for selected holders of havvens, its collateral token. The airdrop, which launched on June 16th, offers all members of the public a chance to secure some nUSD tokens.

nUSD is a decentralized and scalable stablecoin on the Ethereum network that is designed to keep a stable value of USD $1. It was launched on June 11th and marks the full release of the Havven payment network, which rewards people who lock havven tokens and issue nUSD.

This is a major milestone not only for Havven but the entire blockchain ecosystem, as nUSD offers a decentralized and scalable solution to a significant problem in the cryptosphere: price volatility.

The company’s first airdrop campaign, completed in February, received tremendous support as over 150,000 participants entered to receive a free portion of 2 million havvens. This second airdrop, open to 50,000 participants who hold at least 25 havvens, is designed to provide public access to a stablecoin that is compatible across the entire Ethereum network.

“nUSD and the Havven network represents a major improvement to the infrastructure available for decentralized platforms, and early adoption and usage is important to the Havven payment network. This airdrop will provide wide access to a vital piece of the decentralized ecosystem, and we’re excited to see users begin to transact with nUSD.”

Kain Warwick, the founder of Havven

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