KuCoin completes NEO wallet system upgrade with NEP-5 token support

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin today announced the upgrade of its NEO wallet system is now completed and working normally. With the upgrade, the exchange confirms they now have opened deposits and withdrawals for NEO, GAS plus other NEP-5 tokens RPX, DBC, QLC, TNC, TKY, ACAT, ZPT, ONT, GALA, APH, and SOUL.

NEP stands for NEO Enhancement Proposals. NEP-5 Tokens are tokens created on the NEO blockchain. All tokens on the NEO network are built to the NEP-5 standard, allowing potential projects to be able to use the NEO blockchain to grow their ecosystem. A token created on the NEO blockchain has to conform to the NEP-5 standard.

KuCoin has more than 3 million registered users with 200,000 daily users. The exchange has 160 tokens/coins listed. Its own KuCoin (KCS) token has increased 750% in value during the last 8 months.

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