Walton Chain Foundation opens Blockchain Institute in Seoul

In order to promote the research and development required for blockchain technology applications, and cultivate top talents in the related technical fields, the Walton Chain Foundation has exclusively funded the establishment of the Walton Blockchain Institute in Seoul, South Korea. Today, the Waltonchain team shared the excitement of the grand opening of the Institute with Waltonchain’s global users and supporters.

As a rare blockchain project with its own chip R&D technical support, Waltonchain has a strong background in technology, research, and education. It integrates blockchain with the IoT and creates a high-quality project integrating industry, education, and research. Under the leadership of the Waltonchain core team, Waltonchain has become a global leader in the blockchain + IoT industry.

The Walton Chain Foundation has set making a contribution to the society as one of its development goals and thus has established the non-profit Walton Blockchain Institute authorized and supported by the Ministry of Science and ICT of the Government of the Republic of Korea. In cooperation with the Korean Standards Association, the Walton Blockchain Institute launched blockchain-related training courses. Graduates will receive a blockchain expert qualification certificate. The first qualification examinations will be held in the second half of this year.

The Walton Blockchain Institute not only trains blockchain-related talents but also provides support and help for startup companies.

The institute will provide office space as well as venture capital for startups with innovative ideas. The Walton Blockchain Institute hopes to activate the blockchain-related industry through these measures, to cultivate blockchain talents in South Korea, a global IT powerhouse, and to export talents and creativity to the Asian and global markets.

The Waltonchain team said:

“We refuse empty talks and take straight actions with our down-to-earth spirit. The establishment of the Walton Blockchain Institute will greatly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the blockchain industry, which is also a very important step to build a strong and reliable business ecosystem of Waltonchain. Today, we have made another significant step in Waltonchain journey towards its goal, which wouldn’t have been possible but for the support and love from all our global supporters! Your support along our “thousand-mile journey” will ensure that Waltonchain becomes the Oriental Blockchain Giant.”

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