BitUN launches crypto wallets for Dpool users, the 7th largest hashrate BTC mining pool

BitUN, a cryptocurrency storage solution for enterprises, institutions, and other users announced that to start June, the team began providing a secure storage solution for users of Dpool, the world’s 7th largest hashrate BTC mining pool.

Under the cooperation, miners can not only mine BTC in Longchi pool, but also get a certain percentage of BitUN token BUC rewards.

At the same time, Longchi’s miners can quickly transfer the assets obtained from the mining to the BitUN Wallet, there are no fees for transferring in the BitUN Wallet between users.

Dpool Longchi was established in November 2017. The team members are all from the top Internet companies in China, who are committed to creating “a mine pool that understands miners the best.” As a rising star, Dpool Longchi currently has a power of 1088PH/s, ranking 7th in the world.

The industry-leading FPPS settlement model has been applied by Dpool Longchi to distribute all block revenues, including transaction fees. At the same time, the income can increase by about 2%/P, and it promises to lower double compensation. Also, before May 1, 2019, all miners in the mine pool can enjoy the FPPS Mode 0 rate discount. Customers with a large hashrate also have exclusive private pool free customized services to obtain higher returns the same calculations.

BitUN combines the features of decentralized wallets with the security and ease of use of traditional commercial banks to provide storage, wealth management, enterprise-level secure storage solutions, and payment clearing services for the entire cryptocurrency market. Relying on the inclusive financial capability of Blockchain technology, BitUN’s service targets have also expanded from the high-net-worth customers of traditional private banks to global digital assets participants such as enterprises, institutions, merchants and individual investors.

In order to achieve the safe and convenient user experience level of the traditional bank, BitUN employs a strong management and consulting team owning over 20 years’ rich experience of large enterprise management, financial services, risk control, and finance in dozens of countries in North AmericaEurope, and Asia.

Based on the management team from the top financial institutions, BitUN can not only provide the most secure cryptocurrency storage solutions for enterprises, institutions, and other users but also provide assets management plans for all digital assets participants with an annualized return of more than 12%. BitUN also plans to cooperate with licensed fund institutions and asset management agencies in the industry and will provide users with more extensive assets management plans in the near future to meet the financial requirement of different risk preferences and different liquidity requirements.

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