OpenFinance Network adds listing agreements with KoreConX and Polymath

With already announced partnerships with key blockchain-focused industry players, including Harbor, Republic, Securitize and Science Blockchain, security token trading marketplace OpenFinance Network (OFN) has this week signed up two more partners in Polymath and KoreConX.

KoreConX is an all-in-one business platform for small to medium-sized enterprises. Like Securitize, Harbor, and Republic, the KoreConX security token will be amongst the first to be listed on the OFN platform, which will be live trading later this month.

“This completes our eco-system in our platform by bringing together issuers, broker-dealers, transfer agent and secondary market,” said Oscar Jofre, co-founder, president and CEO for KoreConX. “We now have the ability to provide liquidity in a cost-effective and timely manner, never done before.”

Polymath is an automated and scalable platform that helps companies issue securities on blockchain today entered into an agreement to list security tokens on OpenFinance Network (OFN).

“We’re excited to work with Polymath on their mission to provide more flexibility on the issuance of security tokens,” said OFN founder and CEO, Juan Hernandez. “We share Polymath’s strong focus on security and compliance.”

Powered by securities lawyers and trading veterans, the OFN trading platform works with leading banks, brokerage houses, custodians and transfer agents serving the alternative markets. OFN supports both US and international investors across various securities offerings types, including Regulation D and Regulation S, Regulation A+ and Regulation CF.

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