Crypto Marketplace Storiqa Presents a Beta Version of MVP

Since the start of business operations 10 months ago, Storiqa has already raised $25 million via a token sale, and has attracted more than 55,000 investors and increased its market cap to more than $150 million — the company is now ready to present the beta version of its MVP.

Storiqa uses blockchain to make an ordinary business model of marketplace more transparent, reliable, and consistent. Fake reviews are eliminated since the system is based on smart contract. Due to multicurrency wallet shoppers and vendors easily interact with each other in terms of international payments. All payments are conducted in cryptocurrencies, the native STQ token, along with traditional money.

Vendors are now welcome to start testing the user-friendly interface of the marketplace by creating a store and filling its digital shelves with items. Shoppers, in turn, may start to enjoy discounts, cashback, and test the filtering system. The marketplace is focused on quality craft items and attracts small and medium-sized producers.

“Blockchain implemented in e-commerce is a relatively new idea. Buyers will be safeguarded due to Storiqa’s usage of a smart contract system. Our beta version offers the chance to test all the platform features and become the first users of the disrupting technology. Gradually Apple Pay has become an everyday easy payment, surprising users with its ease of usage. Technologies, however, move on and it’s great time to try shopping with cryptos.”

Ruslan Tugushev, CEO of Storiqa

Storiqa provides a quick-to-setup store on the marketplace to help small producers get set up fast and start selling. There is a 60-day free trial for every seller, followed by the lowest fees for platform usage of major online marketplaces for continued use.

Payment can be made in either cryptocurrency or by credit/debit card through Storiqa’s multicurrency wallet, and its tokenized business model creates a self-sustaining STQ token economy providing higher cashback to buyers and access to preferential platform features for sellers.

“All product prices in the beta version are presented in the STQ token. The tokenized business model allows for the creation of an accelerated transaction system. Later on, we will add common cryptos and fiat currencies. Both buyers and sellers benefit from minimized transaction fees,” according to Ruslan Tugushev.

Test of the beta version is accompanied with the STQ token airdrop. Once a consumer checks out the website at there is an option to get free STQ tokens. Moreover, since May,31 STQ coin will be traded on one of the largest Asian exchanges Coinbene.

“We are looking forward to gathering feedback on the beta version. We know that one-day cryptocurrency payments in e-commerce will become so common that notion “crypto shopping” will be heard in every corner», adds Tugushev.

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