AI Trader: Disruptive AI-powered crypto trading application goes live

Trading cryptocurrencies are considered to be highly volatile and unpredictable. AI Trader is a platform specifically suited for this kind of market. The platform is conceived by one of the world’s largest crypto mining firms, leverages on deep learning and machine learning to actively trade on cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges.

To get started with AI Trader, investors have to simply set up an account on the supported exchange. After this, all the investor has to do is to pick a trading strategy and then press ‘Play.’ Once you pick an appropriate strategy, you can opt to pause it, resume or set a time when it can automatically execute.

AI Trader works by combining variables from multiple data sets and using these to make buy or sell decisions in real time. It sources data from multiple indicators, looks at prevailing patterns and in a lightning-quick manner makes orders on the exchanges. The platform has the added advantage of trading without exhaustion or emotion – an impediment to traders.

The application can be accessed on desktops and tablets, the mobile application will be available on June 15th, 2018.

Some of the key features on the platform:

More information is available on the AI Trader website, YouTube, and Twitter pages.