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Ubex project token sale soft cap reached in one day

Ubex project token sale soft cap reached in one day

The Ubex project, an advertising exchange platform, is reporting they have raised their token sale soft cap in less than 1 day, already exceeded the 4,000 ETH mark. The soft cap was reached during the first day of the sale. The Ubex project launched its token sale on the 21st of May, 2018, to last until the 13th of August.

The Ubex token sale is unique on the blockchain market as it provides equal contribution opportunities and bonuses for all participants. In addition, the Ubex project refrained from conducting any private sale or presale rounds to ensure equal terms for all participants and to exclude any speculation or preference factors.

Ubex is a global, decentralized advertising exchange based on the fusion of Neural Networks, AI, and blockchain operated by smart contracts. The mission of Ubex is to create a world-spanning advertising ecosystem with a high level of trust and maximum efficiency in which all participants can benefit from the advanced technological breakthroughs that would never have found application in the industry without the advent of blockchain technologies.

The Ubex project is aimed at granting both advertisers and publishers the ability to take advantage of advanced technologies for matching offers and ad publishing opportunities to maximize audience targeting. The process is fully automated through the merger of neural networks and artificial intelligence on a blockchain basis to continuously analyze masses of market data and provide immutability and transparency to all operations and transactions within the Ubex ecosystem.

Ubex invites all to take advantage of the project’s bonuses during its token sale to acquire UBEX Tokens with the maximum available bonus of 20%.

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