SatoshiPay to trial Lumens (XLM) micropayments with UK tech website

Blue Star Capital, an investment company with a focus on technology and its applications within media and gaming, noted an update made earlier today by its investee company, SatoshiPay. SatoshiPay, a nanopayments app announced it has partnered with The Register, the UK’s largest technology news site, to pilot a cryptocurrency micropayments trial for selected content on its website

The trial will allow users to purchase SatoshiPay credits in the form of Stellar Lumens (XLM) on The Register’s website. Users will then be able to purchase and read the “Geek’s Guide to Britain” ad-free, either in parts or as a complete series in an ebook by using the SatoshiPay widget. Users will also be able to spend the credits on other sites that integrate with SatoshiPay.

Blue Star notes that, although SatoshiPay has partnered with a number of publishers to date, this partnership with The Register is significant due to the fact it is regarded as a major web publisher. Blue Star recognizes this as an important step in the development of SatoshiPay, which will give it a significant level of exposure due to the level of daily visits that The Register attracts. A successful relationship with a partner such as The Register will strengthen the SatoshiPay brand’s position when it seeks to form partnerships with additional publishers in the future.

Stellar Lumens Giveaway

In addition to this new partnership, and further to a statement made last month, SatoshiPay has now also announced the second wave of its XLM giveaway. 50 XLM will be granted to a total of 20,000 users on a first come first served basis, representing a total of 1,000,000 XLM. Following this wave, a total of 1,222,200 XLM will have been given away by SatoshiPay as a means to kickstart the SatoshiPay ecosystem. A total of 48,777,800 XLM remain available for distribution from the grant received from the Stellar Development Fund (SDF), as announced on November 13, 2017.

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