Worldcore’s cryptocurrency exchange development complete

European digital payment company Worldcore today announced that development is now complete on its cryptocurrency exchange.

Soon ready to fully launch live, basic functionality (registration, orders execution, deposit and withdrawal of major cryptos) have successfully passed tests by developers in a demo environment this week.

At the moment, Worldcore is awaiting the proper terms and conditions for the exchange from its legal team to act in full compliance with regulations as will be required for operating.

The team said, “Our lawyers promise to complete this task by the end of this week. Once it’s done, the exchange will open its doors for the first clients and we will immediately start extending functionality including special offers for traders, cashback of trading fees in WRC tokens for higher token liquidity, the listing of new tokens for better monetization of business and biometrics security options.”

Also recently announced, the Worldcore iOS and Android mobile apps are set to be loaded with wallets for ERC20 tokens this week. After a slight delay in exchange development, the Worldcore blockchain asset ecosystem is continuing to progress in accordance with its roadmap laid out during last year’s WRC token sale.

The Worldcore team added the following statement:

“Most of token holders were unhappy because of delay of the launch. The reason for such delay is not negative because around 5 months ago our management and development team decided to re-write exchange code on highly productive and modern programming language Golang, which was developed by Google. exchange works as Single Page Application for your convenience. This means that it will be the fastest instrument for trading where you will never need to refresh the page for any step of any of your action with our high-end trading platform for blockchain assets. We’d like to thank everyone for patience and supporting Worldcore.”

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