Simdaq launching smart contract crypto trade marketplace on Waves

SIMDAQ marketplace announced it will provide an opportunity to purchase and sell trading signals and robots, leadership in social trading, training content and more on Waves. The development will begin in the summer after starting the Turing-complete Smart Contracts on Waves Platform. This month, Waves announced starting non-Turing complete Smart contracts.

In January 2018, the SIMDAQ project conducted a successful token sale on the Waves Platform by placing SMQ utility tokens for a total amount of $5 million at the cryptocurrency rate on the date of placement. SIMDAQ is a resident and was the first incubation of the Waves Lab blockchain-accelerator.

SIMDAQ will allow new participants of the crypto asset market to get acquainted with the trading environment, safely backtesting on large sets of historical data, and exchange experience and developments in the field of trading strategies with other participants. An integrated environment where all participants, from beginner to professional, will find effective solutions for themselves is a distinctive feature of the SIMDAQ approach.

The platform provides a wide range of opportunities for sharing experiences and ideas – individual and group trade with a mentor, recent cases analytics, tournaments, a base of reliable and well-tested trading signals and robots, as well as streaming trades. The content will be created by the community and presented on the decentralized SIMDAQ Marketplace trading platform. SMQ tokens, which are currently available on the decentralized Waves DEX exchange, will be used for mutual settlements.

Waves Smart Contracts, allowing to implement the management of complex processes on the blockchain, will be used to implement the mechanisms of the marketplace:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Eugene Dubovoi, CEO, and founder of SIMDAQ” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“The key mission of SIMDAQ is to make the start of work with crypto assets easy and interesting for users of any level. Education and training will be an exciting game. We believe that in the near future, the purchase and sale of digital assets will become as simple and common as buying food and clothing, carrying out banking transactions, refueling cars and so on. However, trading is an aggressive and high-risk environment. That is why we’re here. SIMDAQ is your entry point to the digital asset market. With a large amount of historical data, you can quickly acquire and develop the skills of technical analysis and work with digital assets”.[/perfectpullquote]