Indorse partners with ICOCrunch for transparency among ICOs

Indorse, the blockchain-powered social network for professionals today announced a partnership with ICOCrunch, an independent research platform that showcases initial coin offering (ICO) projects.

Through this partnership, Indorse will assist ICOCrunch in adding an additional layer of legitimacy to projects on their platform. Once a project has been verified through Indorse, they will then receive a badge of recognition on the ICOCrunch list, ng index. The feature strives to guarantee the authenticity of a project, by validating the team members’ and advisors’ connections with the project, through the blockchain.

Commenting on the announcement, Gaurang Torvekar, CEO, and Co-founder of Indorse said, “It is remarkably simple to fabricate “team members” or “advisors” as sitting on the board of a blockchain startup without first obtaining their consent. Currently, this is dangerously prevalent within the space, and without anyone to monitor fraudulent ICOs, this could adversely affect the innovation and creativity that the blockchain space thrives on.”

ICOCrunch provides a platform for cryptocurrency investors, both experienced and amateur alike, to view information on the latest ICOs. Through the provision of daily project analysis, the platform enables investors to select ICOs that reflect their beliefs and risk appetite and therefore empowers them to make more informed investment decisions. To this effect, the partnership with Indorse further bolsters ICOCrunch’s offering through a thorough verification process.

ICOCrunch will affix the Indorse logo for companies that have been validated through Indorse on their ICO review section, in order to showcase that the ICO Projects have validated their advisors and team members, adding an additional layer of transparency and credibility to the projects. Through the integration between the two platforms, ICOCrunch will be better equipped to give the public trustworthy advice on ICO participation, providing much sought-after credibility and legitimacy for ICO investors.

“Partnering with ICOCrunch not only showcases the real need for the verification of projects within the space but also just how well the new Indorse feature can be implemented across alternative platforms. This relationship brings us one step closer to reaching our goal as the torchbearers in this ever-changing industry,” concluded Torvekar.

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