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Waves token May airdrop now underway

Waves token May airdrop now underway
Airdrops have become an important element of the crypto landscape and for good reason. By distributing small amounts of tokens to many different users for free, you instantly gain a very large potential user base.

The Waves Platform community has announced an airdrop campaign which is now taking place from May 16th to June 2nd. Waves, with its Waves-NG upgrade, can support a super efficient and low-cost way of conducting huge airdrops.

Waves’ consensus algorithm is Waves-NG, which is capable of processing an order of magnitude more transactions than most other blockchains — quickly and at low cost. Standard fees are 0.001 WAVES per transaction (around USD 0.005 right now) but it gets even cheaper due to the platform’s mass-pay function, which is purpose-built exactly for this reason.

Waves processed over 330,000 transactions in a single day on December 26th, 2017. 170,000 transactions were confirmed within just 20 minutes, and it is apparently possible to process up to 10 million transactions per day.

See the info below on how to participate:

The Rules
  1. Create a new Waves wallet during May 16 to June 2.
  2. Deposit at least 10 WAVES to the newly created wallet.
  3. Submit the address of the newly created wallet and agree to Terms and Conditions using the form —
  4. Subscribe to Waves Steemit ( or Github ( or Reddit ( or Youtube ( or Medium ( or Telegram ( or Sasha Ivanov Telegram channel (
  5. BCH, WCT and Liquid Tokens worth of $5,000 will be distributed on each day of the airdrop period.
  6. Only wallets created and charged with funds during the time of the airdrop can participate. The deposited funds must remain in the wallet during the period of the airdrop. The wallet will receive an airdrop after 24 hours from the moment the funds were deposited to it.
  7. The volume of the airdrop is proportional to the wallet’s balance. The higher the balance, the larger the amount of the tokens distributed.
  8. Airdrop is conducted each day from May 16 to June 2. If you created a wallet on May 16, you’ll start receiving an airdrop start from the following day till June 2. 10 WAVES must remain in the wallet for 24 hours, so the wallet will receive an airdrop.

For more details see the airdrop Terms and Conditions.

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