NavPay version 4.1 now available for iOS

NavCoin has just released a new version of their lite wallet, NavPay 4.1, and is now available on iOS. The app is also available on Android phones and web browsers. NavPay is a crypto wallet developed by the NavCoin community. This wallet provides a quick and simple way to take control of your private keys without downloading any blockchain.

The benefits of NavCoin are that while it is based on the same technology as Bitcoin, it uses less electricity and allows for faster transactions. It also uses a Proof of Stake algorithm to secure its network.

In brief, some of the key features included in this version are:

Some of the notable players who help run this protocol are New Zealand nationals Craig MacGregor, Director/ CEO at Encrypt S Limited, Paul Sanderson, a blockchain engineer and Mike Delucchi, a director at Zanuca Labs.

The community is now finalizing the release of the next version of NavCoin, the team says, “The NavCoin Core protocol 4.2 is almost ready to go. This is a big update which kicks off the community fund accumulation amongst other things.”