Nebulabs partners with CertiK to ensure smart contract and DApp security

Nebulabs, the startup incubator of public blockchain Nebulas, and CertiK, a formal verification framework to ensure smart contract and blockchain security, today announced a new partnership.

This partnership will see CertiK provide technology to help ensure DApps and smart contracts on the Nebulas blockchain are secure, reliable and resistant to hacking. Nebulas developers will also receive real-time, interactive verification feedback when building DApps and smart contracts, helping to free up time and effort previously spent on debugging and auditing code.

Nebulabs is the startup incubator of Nebulas, a next-generation public blockchain aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem. Based on its blockchain valuation mechanism, Nebulas proposes future-oriented incentive and consensus systems, and the ability to self-evolve without forking.

Meanwhile, CertiK offers a formal verification framework to mathematically prove that smart contracts and blockchain ecosystems are bug-free and hacker-resistant. The project is led by Zhong Shao, Thomas L. Kempner Professor and Department Chair of Computer Science at Yale University, and Ronghui Gu, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University.

To make the verification process scalable, CertiK enables the decomposition of otherwise prohibitive proof-tasks into smaller and simpler ones, by using a layer-based approach. However, smart contracts are open-sourced and immutable once deployed, making them vulnerable to hackers. Recent history, such as the incidents at the DAO and Mt. Gox, cautions that security must be of paramount importance in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

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