Athena Bitcoin launches Athena.Trade coworking space

Athena Bitcoin, Inc. has announced the launch of Athena.Trade, a coworking space dedicated exclusively to independent cryptocurrency traders. The aim is to foster community and collaboration in this growing area of financial markets.

In addition to providing office space, Athena.Trade sponsors regular events, such as crypto meet-ups and cocktail hours, for members and non-members. Athena.Trade, located in the Chicago Loop, has a fluid conventional proprietary trading floorplan that houses up to 25 traders.

Members can opt for full or part-time memberships, month to month, to suit trading opportunities that multiply, change and de-risk rapidly.

Athena.Trade membership benefits include guaranteed registration for all ICO Roadshows; beta access to trading tools from major vendors; access to the main conference room; access to the office’s podcast broadcasting facility; listing on Athena.Trade website; a free Coinigy subscription; beverages and snacks.

“Chicago has always been the primary source of liquidity in capital markets—first in commodities, then derivatives, and now in digital currency. We saw a need for a space where smaller groups of traders could come together and share their passion for digital currency. Athena Bitcoin is a relative veteran in this space, so providing a collegial environment for crypto-focused dialogue and education was the logical next step for us.”

Eric Gravengaard, CEO, and co-founder, Athena Bitcoin, the parent of Athena.Trade

Occupancy is currently near 50% and steadily growing. Anchor tenants include one of the world’s largest exchange liquidity providers, hedge funds, prominent prop-trading groups, retail brokerage firms, and individual investors.

“Officing in a space where a cross-pollination of ideas and networks happens naturally is massively advantageous for myself and by extension my LPs. The Athena team adds huge value with their diverse crypto business interests.”

Andrew Steinwold, managing partner, Polynexus Capital, and Athena.Trade tenant
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