A look at the new Syscoin encrypted messaging system

A look at the new Syscoin encrypted messaging system

As part of Syscoin’s upgrade to version 3.0, they have introduced a suite of new tools for creating custom blockchain applications. One of these tools is the Syscoin Encrypted Messaging Service. The new tools enable additional functionality alongside the Syscoin Core and can be used on custom projects and applications with cross-platform blockchain security, signing, and identity capabilities.

Functions that bloat or slow down the blockchain have been abstracted from the core as optional libraries to allow for separation of concerns and parallel execution — all hashed and anchored to the blockchain. By providing these types of tools Syscoin can build a larger and more robust ecosystem.

Closer Look: Syscoin Encrypted Messaging Service

Syscoin’s encrypted messaging system is designed to create a secure and unbreakable messaging platform that is anchored to the blockchain. Messages require a transaction fee for each message and can be stored free for an arbitrary length of time, or permanently for an additional fee. Optional ephemeral messaging can increase security if keys or end-points are ever compromised; messages can be removed after an arbitrary length of time, and cannot be mined for data by nefarious parties if they no longer exist. Messages are encrypted using blockchain authentication and use an asymmetrical ECEIS public/private key scheme, secured by an identity system. Message size and rate can be limited to prevent spamming and DDOS attacks.

Encrypted Messaging for Blockmarket

Using Syscoin’s encrypted messaging system will offer a much faster, cheaper and richer messaging experience within Blockmarket. Messages are now instant and indicate if a message is read or unread, with increased usability, better user experience, and more capabilities. Messages are encrypted to your public/private key, hashed and stored in a distributed cloud service provided by Blockchain Foundry and anchored to the Syscoin blockchain.

Future Capabilities

In the coming months of development, Syscoin plans to add additional functionality to Syscoin encrypted messaging service. With the new messaging system it is now possible to implement optional email notifications for specific events on Blockmarket such as notification of a sale or an escrow request. Syscoin may also add image support, enhanced (HTML) messages, attachments, export messages to a file for safekeeping, and even support direct phone calls and text messages.

In the initial Syscoin 3.0 release, messages will be stored for free for 30 days but the Syscoin team will be implementing an optional fee to save messages for longer than 30 days in later updates.

Developer and Enterprise Resources

Blockchain Foundry, Inc. the developers of the Syscoin protocol will be offering developer access to the Syscoin 3.0 suite of blockchain development tools for free for qualified projects upon request, and enterprise licensing for larger scale use-cases.

The Blockchain Foundry team stated:

“We are happy to introduce a suite of new tools for creating custom blockchain applications with Syscoin 3.0. These provide flexibility, scalability, minimize blockchain bloat, and allow for smaller application footprints.”