New Cryptopia CEO provides 10 week status report

It has been ten weeks since Alan Booth assumed the position of CEO at New Zealand crypto exchange Cryptopia and has now informed users regarding the progress and current status of the exchange as it continues to grow. Booth said, “he wanted to recap the progress in that time and report back as to what the team has managed to achieve.”

The CEO reports having made significant improvements and is committed to continual advancements to deliver users a fast, secure and customer focused exchange.

To start, Booth said that they have achieved their goal of responding to support tickets within a 72-hour timeframe. They aim to resolve 90% of tickets with that first response, more complex tickets will still require escalation to a more advanced technical support team accordingly and may take longer to resolve. This is positive news, as one point last year Cryptopia publicly apologized for the slow support times users were receiving and vowed to fix the problems.

To help support improve productivity, a new Support Portal launched this past week on Cryptopia where users can easily create tickets, search the help section and find answers to questions. Users say this has significantly streamlined the processes and improved experience.

Further, Cryptopia continues to recruit team embers in order to ensure they have the right people focused on the right tasks required to continually enhance the exchange. Finally, Booth says that exchange security has also improved. The team has phased out of static Two Factor Authentication methods, and are assisting users to stay safer from phishing scams.

“There are more changes coming in this space – we strongly encourage you to set up dynamic (timed) Two Factor Authentication such as an Authentication Application or a Cryptopia device. Thank you again for being a part of our global crypto-community.”

Alan Booth, CEO, Cryptopia on security


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