Embark by Status launches to facilitate development of web3

Status.im, the first ever mobile Ethereum client built entirely on peer-to-peer technologies, today has announced the launch of Embark by Status in cooperation with Iuri Matias, the creator of the Embark Framework. Following the reveal of Status Incubate, this is the second initiative under Status Projects, dedicated to laying the foundation and advancing the mass adoption of the web3 ecosystem.

Embark, one of the most adaptable and advanced decentralized application (DApp) frameworks, provides easy-to-use developer tools to foster a vibrant decentralized web while implementing advanced features which allow experienced engineers to build production systems with confidence.

After a successful token sale of SNT raising more than $100M in ether in less than 24 hours, the Status app is edging closer towards a Beta on mainnet with the security audit 80% complete.

The latest Alpha release, 0.9.17, introduced a number of new and exciting DApps including CryptoKitties, CrytpoCribs, Bancor, and many more. With more projects moving to mainnet in 2018, the possibilities for the web3 ecosystem continue to advance. Embark by Status will ensure more talented developers worldwide are able to take decentralized projects from proof-of-concept to production, creating and deploying DApps with genuine utility and building towards a robust web3 experience.

iuri “Blockchain” matias

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”Iuri Matias, creator of the Embark Framework” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]“I started working on Embark in 2015 when developer tooling was practically non-existent and barriers to DApp development were significantly higher than today. Embark demonstrated that tooling makes DApp development less intimidating for first-time DApp developers and hastens the path to creating production-ready decentralized applications. Now, by partnering with Status, we can speed up development, making the framework more powerful and streamlined for developers everywhere.”[/perfectpullquote]

Iuri has been a long time contributor to ethereum and the web3 ecosystem. He is the creator of EtherSim, which later became TestRPC (now ganache) and is currently contributing to the Remix project with the Ethereum Foundation.

By joining forces, Iuri has been able to grow the team and implement unique and powerful features in Embark. Not only can users build production DApps, they can connect and upload to IPFS or Swarm easily. Additionally, they can pull contracts and libraries directly from URLs, making it easy to leverage the most advanced and secure open source work currently being done.

Embark also comes with a unique set of modular plugins to help when it comes to debugging, linting, building for webpack or connecting to platforms like Status. Developers can even write their own plugins to solve their unique problem cases. Through its plug and play solution for mobile DApp development, Embark is the perfect, flexible solution for developers looking to build mobile-first DApps.

Embark provides developers with a highly adaptable framework to create truly decentralized applications. Embark already enables developers to spin up private ethereum blockchains, develop smart contracts, leverage IPFS and Swarm for decentralized file storage, Whisper for decentralized communication, as well as integrate with any web technology, including React, Foundation, and Angular.

Status will support the Embark team through:

The Embark by Status team has already grown through the addition of three new members. Jonathan Rainville, RJ Catalano, and Eric Mastro are the first to join Iuri in pushing the framework to new heights with the launch of Embark 3.0.

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