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World’s top 10 social media ASKfm heads for blockchain

World’s top 10 social media ASKfm heads for blockchain
Rumor confirmed.

Leaks have appeared over the web for the past month, but it’s official now. ASKfm has announced its blockchain-based upgrade ASKfm 2.0 claiming o monetize knowledge in all of its forms. ASKfm is currently the largest Q&A social network worldwide, hosting 600 million questions monthly. The coming ASKfm 2.0 aims to transform the platform from the knowledge exchange of today into a knowledge economy.

The company states that blockchain technology can effectively reshape access to knowledge and its evaluation. They tokenize interactions within the social media, rewarding people whose answers are well-received and demanded. This way, they claim, expertise gains intrinsic value and serves as a centerpiece for the new economy.

The way to sustainability

Max Tsaryk, CEO at ASKfm said the company has been framing a blockchain solution for quite some time now, and they’re finally presenting it, he says:

“We are settling our high-loaded blockchain Q&A platform — that’s why we are introducing a new cryptocurrency token not on a whim but out of conceptual necessity, as without it, the product wouldn’t be able to exist. Blockchain opens a path to democratic environments, to self-regulating economic models governed by market laws and mechanisms. We do not see the future for ASKfm, technologies and social networks without blockchain.”

Open for participation

215 million of existing ASKfm users will have the option to switch to ASKfm 2.0, register a wallet, and receive tokens for that. Anyone will also be able to take part in ASKfm’s upcoming ICO later this year. The social media plans to sell $100,000,000 worth of tokens to the public and issue them throughout the year.

Apply for the whitelist or learn more about ASKfm 2.0.

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