EXMO cryptocurrency exchange launches a new Cashback system

Starting back on May 1, 2018, crypto exchange EXMO launched a brand-new Cashback system on the cryptocurrency market. All registered users automatically become participants of the Cashback program.

EXMO aims to provide users with the capability to regulate cashback rates on their own by increasing trading volume. Ivan Petuhovskii, a co-founder of EXMO exchange, notes: “As long as cashback is credited in transaction currency, it lowers currency risks. We believe that this distinctive advantage will enable our traders to decrease currency risks under the high market volatility conditions”.

The key advantages of the new Cashback system:

The new Cashback system also implies that cashback rates are divided into Taker and Maker depending on the type of trading operations.

How does Taker/Maker rate system work?

Please note that users will receive cash back for April 2018 according to the old Cashback system.

More information on the payment ranks and current cashback rules can be found on the EXMO official website and EXMO can be followed on social media channels: Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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