IP.Gold to use the COMSA Global SaaS Platform

Tech Bureau Europe S.A, a fintech and cryptocurrency solutions company today announced COMSA will launch its new COMSA Global software platform with IP.Gold as the first partner.

IP.Gold operates a scalable, proven IP asset ecosystem that maximizes the monetization of IP addresses through their lifecycle while providing asset growth, downside protection, and diversification. The IP.Gold ecosystem delivers many services simultaneously on an IP address, creating a maximized ongoing revenue model. By integrating blockchain technology, AI, and machine learning, IP.Gold will streamline the costs associated with acquiring IP address assets and significantly reduce operational overheads.

“We are very excited to both launch our COMSA Global SaaS platform, delivering our new suite of software services, and have promising projects like IP.Gold sign up to be our first partner. We look forward to a successful partnership and their feedback and insights as we get through our initial launch.”

Patrick Spiess, the board member of Tech Bureau Europe

COMSA streamlines cryptocurrency fundraising, simplifying many of the uncertainties that come with running a token sale. Projects that use the COMSA Global software platform benefit from a completely streamlined process of selling and distributing their tokens.

“There are many options when it comes to selecting a platform for a token offering, and COMSA stands out as one of the most robust and comprehensive. COMSA has greatly simplified the process of executing a token generation event, and we recommend them to other companies looking to go through the process.”

David Grieshaber, CIO at IP.Gold
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