Lisk releases Lisk Hub Version 0.5.0

Lisk, an application that enables developers to build blockchain apps in Javascript, has announced the release of Lisk Hub 0.5.0. This new version comes with multiple changes that include added features, enhancements, and fixed bugs. Some issues that were from the previous versions have now been closed.

Some of the notable features and additions in this new version are:

Adding release notes to desktop updates – Previous versions didn’t have release notes for updates. Prior, the only thing shown was the release version. With this improved version, release notes are also shown on desktop update popups.

Delegate registration – The version enables one to become a delegate directly from the delegates section of the Lisk Hub. It costs 25 LSK to become a delegate. The registration process has also been simplified to enable users to get real-time feedback on the availability of names.

Changing the URL scheme – The URL scheme has also been simplified and shortened. This has enabled the respective URLs to be clean and match their identified sections

Enabling the launch of delegate’s page on the menu – On previous versions, the delegate’s page was not launched on the menu. With this updated version, this has been enabled on the menu.

Fixing bugs in iOS devices – When one focuses on input on some IOS devices, the position of the cursor would not be aligned with the field. This has been fixed in the current version and it is much easier to focus on input as the cursor is duly placed at the beginning of the field.

Turning selected words into green when verifying passphrase – In the previous version, there was no visual feedback given when picking the missing words. This has been fixed and you can now see them turn to green when you select them. This has been tested on both Firefox and Chrome.

Making the corners of the passphrase generation progress bar round – This hadn’t been the case when used on certain browsers like Safari. When used on the Safari browser, the corners would alter from between round and flat. This has been fixed in the current version.

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