India’s Koinex goes live with crypto-to-crypto trading

Recently launched bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange Koinex, based out of India went live with crypto-to-crypto trading this past day with a variety of tokens now tradable in BTC and ETH markets. The team also said that until further notice, trade fees for both buying and selling in crypto only markets will be zero.

Koinex now has one of the largest crypto-crypto offerings by any Indian exchange. The trading began at 10:00 pm today, April 26th.

The 15 tokens which will be launched are listed below:

The tokens available in the Bitcoin market: Ethereum (ETH/BTC), Litecoin (LTC/BTC), TRON (TRX/BTC), Ripple (XRP/BTC), OmiseGo (OMG/BTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH/BTC), EOS (EOS/BTC), Nucleus Vision (NCASH/BTC), and Request (REQ/BTC).

The tokens available in the Ethereum market: TRON (TRX/ETH), Ripple (XRP/ETH), OmiseGo (OMG/ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH/ETH), EOS (EOS/ETH), and Nucleus Vision (NCASH/ETH).

Koinex has also improved their UX to show 30 buy/sell orders in the orderbook while also showing user trade history in the exchange screen.


The Koinex team stated:

“As you know, the crypto-market has been in a disarray of sorts since the start of the year due to the ambiguous stand on crypto-assets by the government and situations further took a downward spiral with the RBI directive reprimanding banks from partnering with crypto-entities.”

“We have been in the eye of the storm ever since, but have always looked for solutions for the trading community, be it introducing UPI payments or instant withdrawals or new tokens for trading. So the need of the hour in this uncertain market was a safer alternate trading format, like crypto-to-crypto.”


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