Coinify and Guarda team up to provide new EU crypto-trading service

Coinify and Guarda today announced a new joint effort for extended cryptocurrency services with the EU. Integration of Coinify’s two-way fiat-to-crypto trading services inside all Guarda light wallets adds value to all Guarda’s EU users.

The new strategic partnership between the trusted global technology gateway for virtual currencies, Coinify, and the company building an ecosystem of blockchain-based products, Guarda—will deliver increased value to the crypto community by offering them the option to buy and sell cryptocurrency in exchange for fiat currencies in Guarda’s non-custodial wallets.

In particular, Guarda wallet users in the EU will be able to enjoy cost-efficient rates for the following cryptocurrency-fiat conversion services:

‘Buy bitcoin with card’ in the first wallet release;
‘Buy bitcoin with bank transfer’ together with ‘Sell bitcoin’ in the following release.

The Coinify and Gucoinify and Guarda mobile integration will be accessible for the following currencies: BTC, USD, EUR, GBP and DKK in a multi-currency web-based wallet and all mobile wallets for both Android and iOS.

The exchange processes are implemented inside the Guarda wallet interface, maintaining the ease of use; while adhering to the financial transparency. Thus, the user will be always informed about the commission fee charged on conversions.

“It’s a privilege for me to announce our partnership with Coinify,” said Andrew Pristinsky, Managing Director of Guarda. “It is an important step for Guarda and for the whole crypto-community, and I believe that this partnership will let us provide the best service to our customers,” he added.

While this is not Coinify’s first implementation of their trading services inside a crypto wallet, Coinify perceives this partnership as another positive step in the direction of mainstreaming virtual currencies.

“With the mindset of making cryptocurrencies more accessible to the broader public, we find the variety of non-custodial wallets by Guarda as a great platform to expand this reach. We are happy to provide them with new features that will further benefit their users,” concluded Rikke Stær, Chief Commercial Officer at Coinify.