DateCoin (DTC) and DeHedge sign hedge agreement

DateCoin (DTC) and DeHedge, the cryptocurrency hedging platform today announced a newly signed agreement to hedge a limited volume (2 million) of DTC tokens. The hedged DTC tokens will soon be available on the DeHedge platform. The official signing ceremony was held at the DeHedge headquarters in Moscow. Both teams got to know each other and presented their projects prior to the signing. DeHedge recently finished their presale and will soon be moving on to their main token sale event.

Nikita Anufriev, CEO of DateCoin, emphasized that the transparent investment risk hedging mechanism proposed by DeHedge can contribute positively to ICOs. That is how potential investors can be secured, especially considering the increased numbers of unfair business practices.

An investor buying tokens from DeHedge and paying a hedging premium receives compensation that covers all the losses associated with token price drops. As mentioned, risk hedging will soon be available for a limited volume of DateCoin tokens (up to 2 million). Mikhail Chernov, founder, and CEO of DeHedge was optimistic about the ongoing ICO and remarked that DateCoin became the third hedged project that has now passed the risk assessment conducted by the team’s highly qualified experts.


Currently, the team is successfully conducting its token sale, and the soft cap has already been reached.

The founders of DateCoin aim to employ cutting-edge technologies for intelligent dating with your soulmate or at least with a person with similar interests. It is about artificial intelligence and big data processing. The AI will analyze user preferences, contact history, etc and provide a pool of the best-matching partners.

The blockchain is used to create a trusting environment and to solve user identification and verification problems. The distributed data technology ensures the authenticity of each verified account. The project has an MVP – online dating service Denim, which is the market leader in dating services in Russia.

In the future, the token rate will be secured by the growth of the dating service’s audience worldwide. According to DeHedge forecasts, DateCoin will reach a milestone of 20 million app users in the coming years. Most of them will buy DTC tokens on the exchange to pay for unique in-app features or to buy services with discounts.

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