Freshly released Aphelion NEO desktop wallet getting first updates

Aphelion, a build in progress application which will feature a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on the NEO blockchain featuring wallet based peer-to-peer trading last week rolled out the NEO Desktop Wallet beta version.

This part of the Aphelion ecosystem was well received, and now the team will be releasing the first updates for the new wallet this week.

The issues being addressed are GAS claim issues, Mac Ledger support, backend updates to increase performance, a new zoom feature built into the UI and some other updates such as security, etc.

The team said:

“We believe the wallet and the open source MIT licensed code behind speak for itself as the worlds best NEO wallet ever released.  We promise to hold true to that standard in everything we build.  Keep a close eye on things this next week for the new build and the marketing, promo and increased community that comes along with all of that, it will be fun.”

The new Aphelion NEO Desktop Wallet
Mobile Wallet and DEX Coming Up

The team also mentioned the hard work being put into completed work on the mobile version of the wallet app along with the Aphelion DEX. Current plans have the mobile wallet to be tried and tested within the next 30 days. The mobile wallet serves as the basis for the future mobile DEX.

Lastly, the Aphelion DEX is also slowly but surely being completed. The servers running the wallet are also powering the DEX and so the initial wallet release has allowed the team to fine tune the servers for scale as they move towards the DEX integration. Aphelion plans to have NEO/GAS and all NEP5 trading integrated with the initial DEX release.

Regarding the DEX completion, the team said:

“We’ve released proof of concept of these exchanges already happening on-chain and now its a matter of finalizing the logic, servers, smart contracts and integrating the UI.  At that point, the DEX will become available through your existing Aphelion Wallet through an update. Trading will be available right in the wallet, which by that time will be one of the highest performing and safest wallets in the entire industry.”