VRBex seeks U.S. compliant cryptocurrency and security token exchange

VRBex Inc., a company founded by financial-services professionals in the U.S. that intends to operate a cryptocurrency exchange and security-token trading platform, has announced the launch of the company and an initial security token offering (ISTO) today for potential investors. The announcement was made by VRBex CEO, Gene Grant.

The VRBex business platform will initially provide a mechanism for the two-way exchange of US$ for select cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Bitcoin Cash), and will then seek to expand the list of convertible assets; a platform for the trading of security tokens; and digital VRBex wallets for customers to hold their balances in fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and security tokens, in each case, once proper licensing, custody regulations and other requirements are complied with.

“Once the cryptocurrency market value exceeded $750 billion it represented the emergence of a new financial asset class,” Grant said. “This is a powerful and clear confirmation that cryptocurrencies are viable. The seven-person VRBex management team brings more than 200 years’ combined experience working in highly regulated environments. Building financial services business, and adapting to ongoing regulatory and compliance changes, have been key components of our professional careers.”

About 135,000,000 VRBex security tokens will be made available for purchase with Bitcoin, Ether, USD or Euros.  Interested investors that satisfy the applicable suitability standards are invited to register for the token pre-sale at VRBex.io. VRBex seeks to be fully compliant with the laws and regulations of the U.S. and with any additional jurisdictions in which it transacts future business.

Customers who pre-register on the VRBex.com website will receive 30 days of commission-free trading activity on the VRBex cryptocurrency platform when it is made available. The commission-free period commences after completion of customer registration, and the offer expires 90 days after the formal launch of the VRBex exchange.

The offering of the VRBex Tokens has two separate sale periods:

The VRBex team has extensive experience implementing complex regulatory and operational risk-remediation programs for top global banks. VRBex specializes in managing the rigors and challenges found in the highly regulated environment of the traditional financial sector.

Gene Grant, CEO, has held senior executive and consulting roles for various global banks and investment firms, including Deutsche Bank, Barclays Capital, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, UBS, Standard Chartered Bank, ANZ bank, and PIMCO. He was most recently a managing director at BBVA.

David Powell, COO,  has more than 30 years’ experience in financial services and has participated in multiple business line startups, including the merger and integration of acquired financial institutions. One of his most recent roles was an executive committee member of BBVA Compass Bank and co-head of the U.S. Corporate & Investment Bank Division.

The VRBex executive leadership team includes the following members: