General Bytes sells their 1,500th Bitcoin ATM, reduces BATMTwo L price

The team of General Bytes, the Bitcoin ATM and blockchain based technology company today announced a milestone having just sold their 1,500th ATM. This makes the company the second largest Bitcoin ATM manufacturer to date. They sold their 1,000th machine on November 25th, 2017.

Also disucussed from General Bytes was new coin support. In addition to full DASH support (two-way operation, POS and NFC wallets) General Bytes has added some new coins to their platforms including VIA, FLASH, and SMART and also improved support for Monero (XMR).


Keeping their positive news flowing, General Bytes announced a price reduction in the BATMTwo Large model (BATMTwo L). This is a larger BATMTwo model that comes with a cash acceptor that holds 1,200 banknotes, twice the capacity of the original BATMTwo (BATMTwo Classic).

This increased capacity can mean half the number of “cash collection” trips to the ATM, increasing the bottom line for the ATM operator.

General Bytes says they will keep selling the BATMTwo Classic model but “learned that reducing the number of trips to an ATM is an easy way to increase profits and the new BATMTwo L (BATMTwo Large) is ideal for those ‘not so close to the office’ locations because of this.”

The team is also now accepting pre-sale orders for their improved bitcoin and cryptocurrency point of sale machine CorexPay, which has been in operation since March 2015.