TaaS launches early access for Lukrum blockchain asset portfolio manager

Token-as-a-service (TaaS) has announced today that Kepler, its cryptocurrency portfolio management and analytics platform, has made available an early access signup list for the expected launch of Kepler’s first product – Lukrum. a portfolio manager for blockchain assets.

The Lukrum platform is designed as an easy-to-use iOS application, allowing auto-sync of all cryptocurrency balances to keep track of blockchain assets regardless of their storage location.

The Kepler team said: “The main idea of this early access is to attract early adopters who are willing to try the app and share their feedback on our product. This will help us create an application that will meet the needs of the market.”

Lukrum product features:

Funds for Kepler’s development came from TaaS’s successful ICO which was completed last year. TaaS incorporated Kepler Technologies LLC, in Zug, Switzerland as its cryptocurrency portfolio management and analytics platform company.

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