ICO of four platform ecosystem EO Coin begins

The official pre-initial EO Coin sale opened on Monday, April 16th. The four-platform-ecosystem is for the trading of both fiat and crypto investments created by the team behind global leading brand ExpertOption.The coin sale will take place on the official EO.Trade website.

ExpertOption which already runs a successful trading platform offering more than 100 assets, is utilizing the experience of the team to expand into blockchain adding the EO.Finance wallet, EO.Trade crypto exchange, EO.News portal and token-based accounts on ExpertOption. All platforms will be fueled by the EO coin and be accessible by one set of credentials.

“Crypto trading is fast approaching the level of traditional online trading, yet in most cases, the two remain separated” CEO Ivan Opriya said “Our ecosystem will allow investors to go through the process from beginning to end using EO products. This will ensure a faster, smoother and less costly experience”.

Unlike some emerging crypto-related products, EO is backed by an already existing brand with proven capabilities. While ExpertOption as a trading platform only offered online trading, the EO ecosystem is offering an opportunity for investors to be part of a large expansion.

“We have had more than 7 million traders over the past couple of years. As we take the next step we think it’s a great opportunity to involve traders and investors in this project” Dmitrij Nikitin Head of Customer Care said, “Not only can people benefit from using the EO coin on our products, but they can also invest in the development of the ecosystem and be rewarded for it”.

ICOs are a form of online crowdfunding where investors buy a blockchain based coin and utilize it on the products. EO coin holders will be able to use it for discounts on all of the company’s platforms and will be able to open token-based accounts to trade derivatives on more than 100 assets.

The company has raised more than 5 million dollars from its private pre-sale and is expected to raise a lot more during the coin sale. Investors can take advantage of this opportunity by registering at EO.Trade.

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