HEROIC launches ICO to support personal cybersecurity with AI and blockchain

HEROIC.com today launched the pre-sale of its HEROIC (HRO) token to create the future of intelligent cybersecurity using blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). The HEROIC ecosystem will provide a universal solution to protect against current and future cyber-attacks.

The HEROIC software not only intelligently protects against threats but also empowers and incentivizes users to help build the next generation of cybersecurity solutions through the seamless contribution of anonymized threat data—the key component needed to fuel the advancement of threat detection and prevention with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

As cyber threats continue to grow in both frequency and sophistication, HEROIC will provide enterprise-level technology to individual users. Anyone who joins the network can both receive advanced threat protection and be compensated for their participation in the ecosystem.

Chad Bennett, founder, and CEO of HEROIC.com said:

“Our mission is to protect the world’s information—of all individuals—not just the biggest businesses. The reactive, centralized model of cybersecurity is completely outdated. The future of cybersecurity is decentralized and democratized—utilizing AI and the blockchain, which are better models to uncover threats and create the best possible solutions.”

The HEROIC ecosystem consists of the following components:

“An early version of Guardian—HEROIC.com’s personal protection solution—is already being used by more than 1,000 paying customers to protect their information and technology,” Bennett said. “The HEROIC.com ecosystem will be openly available to developers and companies alike to build their own intelligent solutions. As more users join the network, the more secure everyone becomes. The combination of big data with artificial intelligence and the blockchain is a completely new paradigm for cyber protection.”

Those interested will be able to participate in the ICO through various programs. Contributors may purchase tokens using Ethereum, Bitcoin, and most popular cryptocurrencies/currencies. Users who own HEROIC Tokens may use them to purchase existing and future services directly from HEROIC or other partners of the ecosystem and can also exchange them for other cryptocurrencies and cash.

The HEROIC.com management and advisory team have a solid and strong combination of start-up and traditional management experience along with a group of advisors who are the most experienced in the blockchain industry. Bennett has already led two of his three prior companies to multiple Inc. 500 wins. Advisors to HEROIC.com include, among others, John McClurg, former CISO at Dell and current VP and Ambassador-at-Large at Cylance; David Bradford, former CEO of Fusion-io and executive at Novell; Tricia Schumann, CEO of BachHealth; Jeff Flamm, CEO of Infinite Mind; Ryan Lewis, founder of the BYU Blockchain Summit; and Garrett Gee, founder of Scan.me which was sold to Snapchat.

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