Edge blockchain wallet partners with IoT development platform Hurify

Edge, the blockchain asset wallet announced the other day a new partnership with Hurify, a blockchain project which will leverage the Edge Secure SDK. Hurify is building a platform ecosystem for project owners and developers to connect and collaborate on IoT projects seamlessly across borders. Hurify enables this collaboration by means of a smart contract system supporting all aspects of IoT solution development.

Hurify’s tokenized incentive system offers rewards to community members that contribute to the value of the ecosystem itself by providing product reviews, educational content, and other social goods. Hurify’s HUR token is an Ethereum ERC20 token and will be natively supported inside the Edge Wallet.

Project owners and developers can also use their HUR tokens to purchase from a catalog of over 15,000 distinct items of IoT hardware. Future developments envision partnerships with software companies to permit licensing by smart contract to achieve a complete IoT solution from design through deployment.

The Edge team said:

“Hurify has chosen to partner with Edge because Edge provides an application interface that can tightly integrate into the Hurify platform and provides best in class, client-side security so those community members can securely and simply hold HUR tokens for onsite activity.”

Chandramouli Srinivasan, founder, and CEO of Hurify commented:

“We wanted a wallet solution that can be hosted on the Hurify platform. Edge gave us the ability to quickly and securely add that capability for our users.”

The Edge team also recently announced version 1.1.2 of the Edge Wallet. The latest update is the first since the launch in February and adds several new coins and tokens to the platform. The latest version is available in the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and as a direct download.

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