Nebula crypto exchange skips beta and goes straight to live trading

Nebula, a French exchange, seems to be on the right track. The platform recently reported on the success of their private beta. As a result of this, they will not launch a public beta but will go straight to a platform that trades live funds on April 30th.

While giving a statement concerning this launch, the founders of the platform had this to say: “Our private beta release went really well and as a result of that, we will proceed to begin live trading before the end of April. We value our community and the feedback we have received so far. As we begin live trading, we will not charge any fees until we are sure that the community is content with the services we are offering on the exchange.”

The team went on to further state that account deposits will be available from the last week of April and live trading should begin by the end of April. This is significant and it goes on to show the commitment the team has towards the development of the platform.

For the bounty hunters, the platform will launch two programs giving users a chance to create logos and emojis. Surely, Nebula is aiming to live up to its word of enabling cryptocurrency projects, traders and users to “reach for the stars”

Some of the notable features of the platform are:

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