VC firm Venrock partners with crypto asset company CoinFund

CoinFund, a crypto asset investment fund started back in 2015 has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the team at Venrock, a venture capital firm founded by Laurence Rockefeller in 1969.

Venrock has a strong history of helping entrepreneurs build great products and technologies, including early investments in legendary companies such as Intel, Apple, Dollar Shave Club, and Nest. As a proponent of net neutrality and the enabling features of technology, Venrock will continue to work towards building the next era of decentralized infrastructure and applications.

The partnership deal will help to support CoinFund’s growth and expand its network to the greater technology markets.

The CoinFund team says that this partnership reinforces its mandate to continue building out a technology-focused and scientific approach to investment in decentralized networks and new business models enabled by blockchain technology.

By leveraging each other’s domain expertise, the two teams will be able to “mentor, advice, and support projects in the space more effectively than ever before.” CoinFund and Venrock are both backers of YouNow’s PROPS Project and have worked together to help founder Adi Sideman realize his vision of a blockchain-based ecosystem of participatory video applications, starting with its flagship application Rize. The application specifications include crypto integration to incentivize and build an economy where creators can broadcast and earn.

CoinFund, founded nearly three years ago as CoinFund LLC became one of the world’s first diversified portfolios of crypto assets, regarding cryptocurrencies and tokens. The CoinFund team brings together a strong and multidisciplinary background across the fields of technology, computer science, finance, economics, quantitative research, psychology, and law to apply to the growing blockchain space.

The founding partners and team members of CoinFund combine experience from Goldman Sachs,, American Capital, Kirkland & Ellis, and the MIT Digital Currency Initiative, among others. At inception, CoinFund’s foundational thesis was that blockchain-based digital assets would capture the value of decentralized networks and are poised to transform the way we transact with digital finances, online infrastructure, social media, marketplaces, organizations, and consumer services.

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