How blockchain can improve the online ad industry

The sites a consumer visits, the pages he reads, the sources she consults, are all about getting information.

Advertising seeks to reach the consumer and inform about a product or service. The system that exists now is difficult to operate, favors big brands, and hurts everyone from the consumers to the advertisers.

Blockchain is poised to revolutionize online advertising because it is secure, efficient, and manageable than current solutions. According to HubSpot, standard banner ads have a .12% click-through-rate (CTR).

People simply are not clicking ads.

Online Advertising is Annoying

The biggest issue with online advertising is the way it disrupts the actions of the consumer, so he or she stays unwilling to absorb information, even if the wording is relevant. For businesses, online advertising is expensive and not as efficient as possible. Consumers get worn out because they are listed as leads. Pure saturation only declines overall lead quality.

The current online advertising system relies on traffic versus solid leads. But, why can’t we change the focus to solid leads rather than traffic volumes? One project, BAT, is attempting to create a decentralized ad network that fosters transparency, security and the removal of the behemoth middlemen. The problem though is that BAT forces users to use their own browser, and ditch the industry standards (Chrome, FF, Safari) which is extremely hard to do.

The new kid on the block, Kind Ads, is seeking to better the online advertising industry by creating a model that benefits all 3 parties, giving publishers faster and better revenue, cuts the advertisers cost to a minimum and making sure that consumers don’t get annoying and intrusive ads. Kind Ads are browser agnostic and thus easier to implement.

Who stands to lose? Google and Facebook.

Online Advertising is Expensive

Online advertising costs money because money is wasted on middlemen because advertisers and subscribers don’t connect directly. Companies like Facebook, Google, and the AdNetwork have the power to block organizations, deliver based on their own data, and favor certain brands at their own whim.

AdAge reports, “for ad tech, it will bring consumers into what has previously been a two-sided marketplace between publishers and advertisers.” Rather than the publisher telling them what works, businesses find out exactly what works directly via the consumer.

The Kind Ads Solution

Consumers don’t like mobile ads, in fact, Kind Ads reports that 70% of people self-identify as people that close out of ads when browsing on mobile. With Kind advertisers can select publishers they want to work with, consumers get better ads, and the entire system is much more secure. Kind Ads are delivered via the Brave secure browser.

The Brave browser allows for users to opt-in with the Kind Ads Ecosystem, which brings in hot leads and delivers a benefit to the consumers. The token-based system brings in 85% of the revenue for publishers and 15% for other interested parties. Users want to participate because they know where their information is going.

How It Benefits Advertisers

Advertisers are at the mercy of online platforms when fighting for space on major search engines. Rather than relying on getting seen by someone that might be interested in your ad, the Kind Ads platform connects the publishers and the advertisers instead of hiding through an intermediary. Other benefits include:

How It Benefits Consumers

Consumers deserve a good online experience. Kind Ads are a complete redesign of the current systems. With Kind Ads, a consumer gets more relevant advertisements and also generates goodwill on the platform. As a person browsing the internet and consuming advertising, Kind Ads allows for:

The consumer gets a better browsing experience, can easily opt-out, and even earns money for specific actions.

How It Benefits Publishers

Kind Ads puts power back in the publisher’s hands to control what content is advertised on their website. Publishers put so much work into building an audience only to have their reputation tarnished by embarrassing ads automatically served up by an algorithm. With Kind Ads not only will publishers benefit from higher converting, more relevant ads, but they’ll also be able to reap the rewards of those ads faster. Kind Ads doesn’t rely on 30, 60, and 90-day payment delays nor does it require publishers to meet minimum thresholds before getting paid.

In summary, Kind Ads built an online advertising solution that is backed by blockchain which is poised to disrupt the current market. The platform is browser agnostic. It blocks ads unless allowed by the user, each of whom is incentivized to participate in the program in exchange for relevant advertisements and KIND tokens. Strong publishers and advertisers are also rewarded via KIND tokens.

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