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BunnyToken presale excels with over 5,000 contributions

BunnyToken presale excels with over 5,000 contributions

BunnyToken, a startup payment solution which aims to unify the online entertainment industry based on blockchain technology is now well into its ICO presale which has sold more than 75 million bunny tokens to more than 5,000 investors from across the globe.

The BunnyToken project surfaced at the beginning of the year as a blockchain based payment method aimed at the adult industry and became a popular project with large expectations from critics, experts and investors.

Unlike many ICOs which gain big hype at the start but fail to deliver in performance, BunnyToken has excelled. The company has announced 50,000 registrations on its official website so far and the number is only growing.

The payment method is designed to allow fast and secure transactions for adult industry-related businesses and individuals and so far the company has secured partnerships with more than a dozen industry websites. Following the token sale, it is in talks with even bigger partners who are ready to jump on the bandwagon and “secure their place in the future of payment methods.”

The Bunnies, mascots of the project have become an independent success and a part of the crypto culture. They performed an Irish Riverdance for St. Patrick’s Day, now viral on YouTube with and have become stickers on chat rooms.

Furthermore, an MVP of the platform has been introduced which is available now for a demo.

The BunnyToken presale sale ends on April 24th and will be followed by an initial token sale on the 25th of April.

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