TransCrypt partners with digital asset exchange leader ShapeShift

TransCrypt, a mobile universal payment platform allowing users to send or receive payments via a message in all major cryptocurrencies announced it will integrate ShapeShift’s secure and reliable exchange service for its new app.

With TransCrypt, users can carry out cryptocurrency transactions, purchase tokens and pay for services on all major devices. TransCrypt’s payments system, to be incorporated into major messaging services, will make cryptocurrency transactions easier, faster and as simple as sending a message.

As part of the partnership, all the cryptocurrencies supported by the TransCrypt wallet will be able to be converted automatically and instantly, without the need for extra development work such as multiple wallets, blockchain databases, and code branches.

ShapeShift, a leading instant digital asset exchanger supports a number of blockchain cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, Dash, Dogecoin and more.

Nick Machulis, CEO of TransCrypt

Nick Machulis, CEO of TransCrypt commented:

“ShapeShift is a well-established and extremely effective crypto exchange service provider. By integrating the ShapeShift service into TransCrypt, we will be able to provide users with maximum efficiency in sending crypto payments via message. This is a huge technological advantage and important step in our development.”

Den Dubov, CTO of TransCrypt, added:

“TransCrypt provides a fully integrated messaging payments service. Crypto exchange rates are notoriously volatile and difficult to work around. Partnering with ShapeShift will allow TransCrypt to overcome these issues, which is a critical aspect of any crypto payments service.”

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