Bithumb leads South Korea crypto exchange brand reputation survey

According to the latest March 2018 big data analysis on cryptocurrency exchange brand reputation conducted in South Korea, Bithumb was ranked first place followed by Upbit and Coinone respectively.

The Korea Reputation Center performed a big data analysis on 25 different exchange companies to assess their brand reputations. Consumers spending habits were analyzed from the end of February 2018 to end of March 2018.

The brand reputation for exchanges was assessed by combining measures of consumer participation, media, communication, and community.

The results of the 2018 March Brand reputation for cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea came out in the following rank order:

Bithumb, Upbit, Coinone, Korbit, Coinlink, Coinzest, Binance, Korbit, Huobi, Gopax, Yobit, Coinmarble, Coinrail, HTScoin, OKCoin, Youbit, NexCoin, CoinExchange, Eyalbs, Kairex, ExCoin, CoinPlug, Bitpoint, Komid, CoinIs, Bitmax

The Head of the Korea Reputation Center, Changhwan Ku said:

“Bithumb has won the best brand reputation amongst cryptocurrency exchanges based on the March 2018 big data analysis. When compared to February big data of 24,117,864, the exchange volume has decreased y 40.80%. Looking at the detailed analysis, Brand consumption has dropped by 67.76%, the Brand issue has decreased by 11.99%, Brand communication has dropped by 64.56% and brand expansion has dropped by 46.1%.

Korea Reputation Center releases monthly reports on the assessments of Korean brands’ reputations.

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