LBX adds Ripple (XRP) to widening array of crypto assets

London Block Exchange (LBX) – a UK cryptocurrency exchange, has today added Ripple (XRP) to the crypto assets it offers to its customers. LBX reported they are also planning additional coin listings, but are not revealing the details quite yet.

LBX Founder and CEO Benjamin Dives said:

“As we open our doors to UK crypto enthusiasts, we’re listening and acting on what the community wants, and that’s an array of good quality coin options to trade, all backed by a reliable, comprehensive and user-friendly service that they can trust.”

The exchange is continuing to add further educational materials as well. The ‘college of crypto’ now includes an array of coin tutorials, blockchain fundamentals, cryptocurrency specs as well as a focus on wallets, fork, and security – all aimed at helping those new to crypto make informed choices.

LBX opened in November for OTC trades and is currently on-boarding retail customers to its user-friendly app, which is backed by strict KYC/AML protocols. Members also receive a useful daily market report, which can also be viewed on Telegram on the LBX News channel.

XRP got a little spurt of listings this week as digital wallet Uphold and Thai Digital Asset Exchange also added Ripples.

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