BTCC Pool partners with HashCloud crypto cloud mining

BTCC Pool today announced a new partnership that gives those interested a convenient way to invest in crypto mining without the hassle. The new partnership with the HashCloud crypto cloud mining service offers users access to the lowest-cost and most reliable crypto cloud mining service

HashCloud offers full transparency and guarantees 100% mining rewards on a pay-per-share (PPS) basis. By simplifying and taking the risk out of traditional mining, HashCloud provides a solution to miners across all scales.

With no extra or hidden fees, such as electricity or management fees, users can now mine without bearing the cost of buying and maintaining mining equipment.

Low Cost

Each cloud mining contract is priced to include all associated management fees, mining farm maintenance, miner deployment, miner repair, personnel costs and electricity costs during the contract period.

High Rewards

HashCloud crypto cloud mining contracts are the first cloud mining contracts that guarantee customers 100% mining rewards on a pay-per-share (PPS) basis.

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