Crypterium joins with World Capacity Builders to grow crypto payment reach

Crypterium, a cryptocurrency enabled application has announced a new partnership with World Capacity Builders (WCB). This new alliance aims to drive several core objectives in Crypterium’s post-ICO phase. Firstly, this union extends Crypterium’s global physical and digital reach, in its efforts to find a viable payments solution for every country: WCB boasts an existing worldwide network of payment solutions capabilities as they target the 2 billion unbanked people throughout the world. This extensive network of payment services also lends itself to traditional payments markets which are ripe for extending to cryptocurrency solutions.

For Crypterium, access to WCB’s unique expertise, vast network capabilities and partners has enabled the product integration phase to begin across all of Europe. Not only will 500 million Europeans soon be able to use their Crypterium digital wallets at any contactless payment terminals within Europe; they’ll also be able to use any of the world’s 42 million contactless payment terminals as they travel the globe.

Moving beyond Europe, Crypterium plans to leverage the WCB partnership on other continents—Asia, Africa, North America—as it continues global expansion and product integration. It’s important to note that this partnership delivers on one of Crypterium’s core foundational tenants of providing global payment solutions to as many people as possible and not just existing token owners.

On Crypterium’s platform, users must pay a small transaction fee (0.5% of the payment amount) for each cryptocurrency payment, paid in Crypterium tokens (CRPT) which are then destroyed upon use. In this way, Crypterium generates a dynamic secondary market for the ownership of CRPT (it’s not possible to use Crypterium services without them) into a constant reducing supply. The more transaction, the more the need for CRPT. The partnership with WCB is the first step in generating this constant demand.

“We’re very pleased to team up with World Capacity Builders to bring the unbanked community excellent and affordable financial services, while at the same time, solving the problem of liquidity for those in possession of cryptocurrency the world over. This partnership aligns perfectly with not only our company vision but also our values,” said Co-founder and Financial Director, Austin Kimm.

Crypterium recently completed one of the biggest public token sales of all time for the number of token-buyers, it was participated in by people in more than 153 countries. The firm’s aim is to provide a complete vertically integrated crypto-bank service to its customer base. Through a new mobile payment app, the company enables people and businesses to spend cryptocurrency in a more affordable and effective way.

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